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Street Spirit

Time for another work-friendly look y'all.  I wanna start by telling you guys all about my new bag courtesy of Greg Michaels.  This fab tote's made of 100% saffiano leather.  Dimensions are as follow:  33-28-13 cm.  If you're into Michael Kors, you'll love Greg Michaels.  Clicky HERE to shop their collection.  Heads up, their bags are pricy.  High quality though!  You def. get what you pay for.
A closer look at my necklace courtesy of Hanuel.  So much winning goin' on with this piece!  I mean, a pearl studded starfish necklace - who could resist? A fun yet classy piece perfect for work and play! Available here for $30.  Clicky HERE if you'd like to get matching earrings ($15).
A full body shot for you guys.  Love, love, LOVE my new Betabrand pants.  SO RIDICULOUSLY COMFY!  Like yoga pants, they have lots of stretch but they look like dress pants *gasps* I can't even deal - freakin' brilliant.  Look like a professional but feel like a couch potato? Haha.  Seriously though.  $88 may seem expensive, but for these pants, I'd pay MUCH more.  Also available in several different colors/styles - clicky HERE to browse.  

Blazer:  Theory via Off Saks Fifth
Pants:  c/o Betabrand
Bag:  c/o Greg Michaels
Necklace:  c/o Hanuel ($30)
Top:  Madewell
Shoes:  Kate Spade c/o Piperlime

PS.  I'm currently hosting a fab US/Canada giveaway on SS with +INPINK!  Clicky HERE to win a jaguar choker set retailed at $60.