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Patchwork Denim Shorts

Alright guys, I'm super excited to feature two of my favorite brands on SS today:  Dittos (my shorts) & Polette (my sunnies).  Dittos is DEF. my go-to brand for denim.  Their jeans fit me like a glove, and their design & quality = always legit.  Just look at my patchwork shorts - comfy AND cute.  You guys need to check them out STAT.  Find a store near you (or online) by clicking HERE.
Now, let's take a closer look at my new Polette sunnies.  These fab shades add some serious personality to my casual - I was trying to channel my inner Native Fox - look.  Unique sunglasses can MAKE an ensemble.  Anywho, ya'll know how much I love sensible options.  Polette eyewear is mad affordable because they offer factory prices (up to 80% off). Most of their items are under $20!  I can't recommend them enough.  Make sure to get your browse on HERE.  FYI:  they have an awesome selection for guys, too!
Tee:  c/o Cotton Supply Co.
Necklace:  c/o Nashelle
Shorts:  c/o Ditto's
Bag:  Bally - vintage
Sunnies: c/o Polette 

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Teal Tulip Shorts

Soooo, I'm finally back home which means *drum roll please* I'll be posting new outfits every morning at 5 AM EST.  So sorry again for being MIA.  I promise to make up for it by posting lots and lots from here on out *pumps fist*  Anywho, for today's post I've featured a simple but trendy look centered around my new Kuriel tulip shorts.  I paired it with a plain tee (from Cotton Supply Co.) so I could go all out on my shades and shoes.
My sunnies are from C. Wonder and my gladiator sandals are from Deb.  

Sunnies:  c/o C. Wonder
Tee:  c/o Cotton Supply Co. (3 for $39.95)
Shorts:  c/o Kuriel ($16)
Watch:  c/o Klaus Kobec
Bag:  c/o LucyMint ($32.99)
Shoes:  c/o Deb

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