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Commodity Goods Giveaway

WHOO! It's time for free swag.  For today's post, I've re-partnered (probably not a word, but whatevs) up with Commodity Goods for a sweet giveaway ($108 value).  I don't know if ya'll remember, but a while back I reviewed their fragrances - clicky HERE for the aforementioned post.  Anywho, one very lucky winner will score the whole commodity experience.  

So this is how it works:

1.  Commodity sends you a baller fitting kit with 10 different fragrances.  
2.  You try all of them and pick your fave/s - a lot harder than you'd think, ha.  
3.  If you're set on one, get a 100ml bottle.  If you can't decide, you get the trio.

This US giveaway is open until the 15th of May!  

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Beauty Review: Commodity Fragrances

Alright guys, it's time for a serious beauty review.  I recently had the pleasure of trying Commodity, and let me tell you, I am legitimately hooked.
Let me break it down for ya'll.  You start by paying $9 for a fitting kit.  Now, that may seem expensive but keep in mind that you're trying 10 different fragrances, and trust me when I say this, they're all MAGICAL.  

I swear, I felt like freakin' Aphrodite spritzing them on but that's besides the point.  It's worth it because the $9 you spend goes into the fragrance you ultimately choose to buy. Remember though, if you want to redeem your $9 you gotta place the order within 30 days!  Just givin' ya'll a heads up!  Anywho, you can either get a trio (if you can't pick one) or one 100ml bottle of your favorite scent.

I'm seriously not messing around when I say that every single scent is ridiculously amazing.  I ended up ordering a 100ml bottle of Mimosa but it was a TOUGH decision.  I can't wait for it to get here ::makes heart shape with fingers::

Oh, and Commodity also has an fab assortment of scents for men as well.  Whether you want to spoil yourself or get a bomb gift for someone else, Commodity is the way to go.  If you have ANY questions about the process, tweet me, FB me, leave a comment, blah blah - you know the drill!