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Beauty Trends: The Eye Edition

Some people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  If that's the case then we have to make sure our eyes look as stylish as can be! This week's edition is all about eyes, so here are a few of this seasons hottest looks.

1.  Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner has been around since the dawn of makeup. It was always something that existed, but most people only wore it for special occasions - few used it as an everyday look, but recently it has become extremely popular.  Everyday girls and beauty gurus alike wear wings on a daily basis. It's amazing how a simple flick can up the gorg factor.
My favorite way to wear a wing is with a simple, natural, brown and beige eyeshadow. Do you guys have a favorite way? If you do, let us know by commenting below! There are tons of different ways to apply wings  (ex. liquid liner, gel, pencil) - I've attached a few of my fave products for each in the widget below!

2.  Spidey Lashes

In the past, thick, clumpy lashes were viewed as a bad thing; a natural, wispy look was preferred.  "Spidey lashes," the hot new mascara trend, is the utter opposite of the latter.  Essentially, this look is achieved by putting on many coats of mascara and letting your lashes all clump together.
This trend's very controversial - most people either love it or hate it. How do you guys feel? Would you rock spidey lashes or go with a more natural application? Scroll down below to purchase the best mascaras and falsies to achieve this edgy look.

3.  A Pop of Color

If you follow us on Facebook then you already know that pastel eyeliner is a new trend we're eyeing. However, it is not the only way you can bring color into your eyes. It has become very popular on runways for makeup artists to create light glows in their models' eyeshadows.
The "pop of color" trend can be executed in various ways.  Try applying a flash of neon in the tear duct or wearing a pastel eyeliner. I personally like applying a simple, brown eyeshadow and adding a pop of blue or purple onto my lower lash line.

4.  Smoldering Eyeshadow
Smokey eyeshadow is a trend that has lasted the test of time, the simple fade from white to black is classic. The smokey eye is very easy to manipulate with color or a cut crease, but the current popular technique is to apply a dark color all over.
If you flip through Vogue, you will see that every model has black smudged all over in a seemingly careless manner. Achieve this by taking a big fluffy brush and packing a dark brown or black eyeshadow all over your lid.  Then take your brush and run the color under your lower lash line. Some makeup artists even add a little lip gloss to the shadow to make the eyelids look greasy! What do you guys think of this trend - is it a do or a don't?

How do you guys feel about the aforementioned trends - any faves? Make sure y'all check back next week to read about the hottest lip trends!

Written by Zoe Luiz

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  1. I love the winged eyeliner & the smokey eye. I'm learning how to do both. Great post!

    xoxo...Shana #theglamourlife